Why English Language

English proficiency is critical for anyone seeking to live, work, or succeed professionally in the global arena. At KDU, our programmes, which cater for most language levels and abilities, enable students to sharpen their English language skills before commencing their tertiary education in Malaysia. 
As we have students from across the world coming through our doors each day, we also conduct regular English language enrichment activities and field trips to help them adapt to a new country and culture. It’s a great way to help the students and lecturers bond in a relaxed and fun environment.

Besides classroom learning, there are also enrichment activities, field trips and workshops organised to provide greater exposure to the language learning process.

The language community in KDU is a melting pot. Our international students come from at least 20 different countries. The Centre for Intensive English boasts of excellent student-staff rapport. Our dedicated and qualified teaching staff ensure that students excel in their studies.

Pastoral care is provided to all students who are each assigned an academic advisor throughout their course of study.