KDU Students Pledge Helping The Marginalised Society By Society By Parpticipating In IOJ's CSR Projects

Student-volunteers for Buku Jalanan Chow Kit departing to the IOJ Volunteer Centre.
The kids of Chow Kit with volunteers at the IOJ Volunteer Centre Chow Kit. 
KDU student volunteers are assisting the unprivileged children with their homework and also revision.  
The Student and Alumni Centre (SAC) at KDU, in collaboration with Institut Onn Jaafar (IOJ) since 2016, pledged to channel its students in taking Corporate Social Responsibility through various charity programmes organised by the institute. IOJ is a non-profit organisation that provides temporary relief and material aids for the immediate benefit of the poor and vulnerable. The collaboration between KDU and IOJ embraces the ideology of empathy by being able to understand the suffering and poverty from one’s perspective as it gives a significant impact on an individual’s growth towards maturity and being a responsible citizen.

Following the official launch of ‘KDU’s Youth Empowerment Plan’ by IOJ patron Dato’ Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein Onn on 18 December 2016, KDU students have been collaborating with IOJ on a few of its events, such as the ‘Buku Jalanan Chow Kit Classes’ (BJCK), a programme that supports the homeless and underprivileged children of Chow Kit, which takes place every Friday at the IOJ Kuala Lumpur Volunteer Centre (KLVC).

Initially, BJCK’s volunteers taught primary and secondary school children under the street lights at the back alleys of Chow Kit. However, in mid-2016, the IOJ KL Volunteer Centre was set up as a venue for BJCK’s Friday night classes which runs from 8.30p.m. to 10.30p.m. These weekly classes are mostly for children who are about to seat for examinations such as the Primary School Achievement Test (UPSR) or Form Three Assessment (PT3). There are in total 15 to 25 children that attend these night classes and are taught by 5 to 10 volunteers.

Under the partnership, KDU has agreed to provide seven to eight student volunteers to assist in facilitating the BJKC every Friday night, starting from March until the end of 2017. There were 8 student volunteers that went to the first session on the 3rd of March, where they had the opportunity to teach and assist the children.

Lim Wei Ming, a KDU Mechanical Engineering student who participated in this initiative said, “I felt an overwhelming sadness in my heart knowing that poverty has not fully been eradicated. In future, I will do all I can to help the children of Malaysia to have a better standard of living.”

As for Teh Shi Nee, a Bachelor of Accounting student, who found herself enjoying helping others said, “It’s a good experience for me as I’ve never attended such an event before. I will definitely be joining the next session.”

In conjunction with the fasting month that falls in the month of May this year, KDU will be collaborating with IOJ for the ‘Jom Sahur’ event. According to the initial plan, the first ‘Jom Sahur’ hour shall start on May 31, where there will be around 40 student-volunteers from KDU distributing food during midnight at two main locations - Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman (in front of the KL Krash Pad) and Pusat Transit Gelandangan (near Bulatan Pahang).

For the second half of the year, KDU is expected to carry out ‘Jom Bekpes’ on 2nd August 2017, where KDU student-volunteers together with members of IOJ are expected to serve breakfast to around 250 homeless people and underprivileged children in Chow Kit. Lastly, on November 5, KDU students will be taking part in charitable Malaysia United Run 2017.