KDU Students Hungry For More After Winning MAPCU APU & Masiswa -Taylor’s Taekwondo Championship 2016

KDU Taekwondo Team in Masiswa - Taylor’s Taekwondo Championship 2016. Winners of the Kyorugi Category in MAPCU Taekwondo Championship 2016.
Winners of the Kyorugi Category in Masiswa – Taylor’s Taekwondo Championship 2016 .  
Success and glory filled the air for the KDU University College Taekwondo squad as they managed to clinch several medals in both MAPCU APU Taekwondo Championship 2016 on 23 October and Masiswa - Taylor’s Taekwondo Championship 2016 on 4 - 5 November 2016.
 A total of 6 participants were prepared to fight for the championship titles of which 5 of them were in the Kyorugi category whereas the other 1 participated in Poomsae category. The 5 participants who took part in both MAPCU and Masiswa tournaments – Kyorugi category are Selina Tang Ling Ser, Cindy Tee Hui Yee, Jason Lee Cheng Yi, Adrian Ang Eee Shen, and Chong Min Ler. On the other hand, the only KDU representative for the Poomsae category is Wong Xin Hui who competed in both MAPCU and Masiswa championships as well.
Starting with the MAPCU APU Taekwondo Championship 2016 in the Poomsae category, KDU’s sole representative managed to take a hold of the 5th place after striving extremely hard against all the other national level players from other institutions. On top of that, the performance for the kyorugi category was astounding as our players managed to accomplish a gold medal by Selina Tang Ling Ser, a silver medal by Chong Min Ler, and a bronze medal by Cindy Tee Hui Yee successfully in the MAPCU.
On the following event which is the Masiswa-Taylor’s Taekwondo Championship 2016, it was an unfortunate start for KDU’s Jason Lee Cheng Yi as he was forced to pull out due to his knee injury leaving only two participants left from KDU in the Masiswa - Kyorugi category which put the team in a more challenging position. However, against all odds, the KDU Taekwondo Team came out with remarkable results having secured a gold medal by Selina Tang Ling Ser and a bronze by Cindy Tee Hui Yee. It was indeed a victorious day for the proud players of the KDU Taekwondo Team after winning such a competitive championship title as they consider it as a team effort.
Despite all that, our KDU Taekwondo Team still considers that they need more training and gain more experience through the competitions, tournaments, and games. In status quo, the KDU Taekwondo Team’s mission is to develop the squad by increasing the number of members so that they have more players to represent the college in the upcoming games. It was reassured that they will organise more in and off-campus training programmes to further enhance the confidence level and the quality of overall performances of all the team members in the near future.
To recapitulate, the participants have gained valuable experience and exposure from these two championships where it involved National players and SUKMA Game State players competing in all different categories. KDU Taekwondo Team may have entered the tournaments to aim for the championship titles, but they have returned to earn and win more medals for KDU University College in upcoming competitions next year.