KDU Students Embrace The Art Of Calligraphy

With much concentration and focused mind, KDU students participating in the Chinese Calligraphy Workshop put down every stroke on the working papers. Artworks of the participants are being displayed on the spot.
The participants for Chinese Calligraphy Workshop having a group picture with their instructor.  
Chinese calligraphy is regarded as a form of visual art which has developed over many centuries in China and was revered as a fine art long before painting. According to some of the studies, practising Chinese calligraphy will help one acquire peaceful concentration and thus eliminate impatience and irritation. Hence, it soothes the mind of the practitioner as with every stroke you make, you will be pulled into serenity both mentally and physically, so much so reaching a state that nurtures the spirit.

With aims to foster students’ interest and passion for this art, Student and Alumni Centre (SAC) at KDU University College had put up a Chinese Calligraphy Workshop on 17 February 2017, amidst the strong atmosphere of celebrating Lunar New Year at that time.

The registration of this workshop was opened to all KDU students and there were about 30 participants altogether. During this two-hour activity, students followed the teaching and guidance as demonstrated by their Chinese calligraphy instructor from Arts Safari. For most of the beginners, they seemed to have great fun and enjoyed the experience when they actually picked up the basics and at the same time learned more about its background history.

During the workshop, students were given blank ‘Xuan’ papers (work papers specially meant for Chinese calligraphy) for practising this ancient art. Combined with other tools like paper placemats, bamboo brushes, black ink, water cups, they were seated in a group and were given guidance on how to use these tools and various methods of laying each and every calligraphy strokes on the paper correctly.

Considering the numerous positive feedbacks given by the participants, the organiser regarded this event as a successful one, as it also brought students much relaxing happiness and joy at the sideline of their busy study life.