KDU Pre-U Students Raise Fund For Children With Cancer In Continuous Effort

KDU College’s Pre United Club handing the mock cheque of donation to UMMC Children’s Cancer Fund. KDU students and main committee members Jonathan Lo Ern Chern (from left) and Stephanie Jong Pey Ling, bringing cheerful moment to a child patient in the ward.
KDU Pre United Club’s president Stephanie Jong Pey Ling (centre) with her committee member paying courtesy visit to a child with cancer and her family members in UMMC’s Paediatric Cancer Ward.  
Childhood cancer is an increasing and prevalent type of chronic illness worldwide. In Malaysia, the National Cancer Registry (NCR) Report indicated that there are 37 in every 100,000 Malaysian children aged up to 15 years at risk of developing cancer. Cancer, therefore, have become a significant cause of children mortality in the country and this is increasing.

According to NCR, the most common cancers in children below 14 are leukaemia, brain cancer and lymphoma. Normally, the factors that can trigger cancer in children are different from those that cause cancer in adults. These are often the result of DNA changes in the cell which occur early in the child’s life, sometimes even the child is in the womb.

At University Malaya Medical Centre (UMMC), there is a dedicated ward for paediatric cancer patients. According to Associate Professor Dr Muhammad Yazid bin Jalaludin, the Head of Department of Paediatric, the hospital had established the UMMC Children’s Cancer Fund with aims to relieve financial burden of some poverty-stricken families.

Since 2010, UMMC Children’s Cancer Fund has been identified as the sole beneficiary of KDU College’s School of Pre-University Studies’ fundraising activities and initiatives.

“We started somewhere in 2010, with a grand event that managed to raised RM50,000 for this particular fund. It has been an inspiring experience for us especially knowing that our effort contribute towards saving children’s lives. From there on, we continued this with on-going efforts, whether it’s a big or small amount or scale,” explained Ms Sathyavathy Rasanayagam, Head of the School of Pre University Studies (SPUS), KDU College.

The School with the main committee members of KDU’s Pre United Club recently had a handover ceremony with total sum of RM13,151 in collection to the UMMC Children’s Cancer Fund. The ceremony was held on 16 August at UMMC’s Paediatric Cancer Ward, with Dr Muhammad Yazid as the receiving officer.

The ceremony was witnessed by representatives of both UMMC and KDU, among them were Datin Rodhiah Zakaria, Head of Department, UMMC Medical Social Work Department; Dr Farah Khalid, Paediatrician of UMMC Paediatric Department; Ms Cheng Siew Ting, UMMC Nursing Officer; Ms Shirley Tiew Shuet Ling, KDU Pre United Club Advisor and Mr Mitchell Liong Chee Chiun, Senior Manager of KDU Student and Alumni Centre.

“I am not surprise if this number comes from the corporate world, but if it comes from a student body, I know there must be a lot of hard work that have been done,” stated Dr Muhammad Yazid in his speech.

Echoing Dr. Yazid’s statement, Ms. Sathyavathy attributed all these to the students efforts and said, “The fund was raised from several activities in the past 2 years by students from the School of Pre University Studies. These activities include our annual Maths and Science Quiz, dance competitions, food and handcrafts charity bazaars, which managed to accumulate donations to this amount.”

Ms. Sathyavathy also lauded the students’ effort and initiative, saying, “Although your time with us in KDU is short, with only a year and a half in a pre-university studies programme, you have shown us the zeal, passion and heart in wanting to make a difference, no matter how big or small. Your effort is amazing and you guys had done a great job. This is what we want to instil as educators, and something that we hope that you carry to the next stage of your lives.”

Immediately after the handover ceremony,  KDU A Levels student Stephanie Jong Pey Ling, who is also the president of Pre United Club, led her main committee members on a tour around the ward and paid courtesy visits  to every paediatric cancer patient there. With warm and friendly gestures, as well as with some little toys, the students had brought the children a cheerful moment as they received the gifts.