KDU Freshie Night 2016 - Cultural Diversity

Emcee welcoming the students in the Multi-Purpose Hall (MPH. Thrilled students taking part in the Chicken and Hen Game.
It was a lively, vibrant and spectacular evening for the newly acquainted students here at KDU University College as they celebrated their welcome with wonderful foods, drinks, live music, amazing performances and most importantly fun at its multi-purpose hall (MPH). The theme of the night was Cultural Diversity, where all new students experienced a splash of diversity from different cultural backgrounds. Here in KDU, we celebrate and embrace our diverse pool of students, hence the driving theme for this event.

The event kicked off with a warm welcome by two charismatic emcees who called out new students to enjoy themselves as this exclusive event was specially arranged to welcome them to KDU University College. Apart from that, there were many food vendors which offered a variety of delicacies for students in the hall as they partake in casual chit chat with their new friends. The event was then heightened by a stream of breathtaking performances, all by various clubs in KDU, which included a traditional Indian dance, a series of modern hip hop K-Pop dances by members of the Performing Arts club (PARTs), as well as song performances in various languages including Malay, Tamil, English, Chinese, Japanese and traditional Kadazan. Aside from that, several traditional games were also carried out in the hall as part of the entertainment of the night. The students had an amazing battle of Nasi Impit, bamboo dance and the exciting chicken and hen game that tested their teamwork ability.

The evening was wrapped up with a traditional dance performed by members of the KDU student council and opened the dance floor for other students to join in. The event is hoped to not only welcome the new students but more importantly to bring the whole community together as one.