KDU Advocates Students To Expedite Emotional And Psychological Support From Peer To Peer

Interaction Game for new P2P members. Bonding time for new P2P members with current P2Ps members.
It’s a wrap for the P2P training camp 2017.  
In ensuring students are doing well in their studies supported with good emotional quotients and psychological resilience, the Student and Alumni Centre (SAC) at KDU recently welcomed a new batch of student volunteers for counselling sessions with their peers.

Under the ‘Peer-to-Peer’ project (or well-known by its acronym ‘P2P’), students who are full of empathy, willing to discover, understand and learn more about psychological counselling, were recruited for a training camp held at KDU’s Utropolis Glenmarie (UG) campus from 24 to 25 February 2017. The objective of the training camp is for new members to pick up effective ways of peer support for emotional needs as well as personal concerns.

There were 12 new members in total who passed through screening interviews and were ultimately recruited for the P2P 2017 Training Camp. There were series of talks and activities arranged for the training camp, facilitated by KDU’s on-campus- counsellors as well as guest speakers. Topics included Group Dynamic or Intrapersonal; Confidentiality, Referrals, Limitations, Boundaries; Mental Health; Empathetic Listening and so forth. Besides the talks, there were also ice-breaking and networking sessions for the campers, where they were able to bond with the existing, as well as amongst the newly recruited P2P members.  

“During the P2P camp, we discussed at length and were given in-depth training of the skills and techniques to increase our knowledge and would be helpful in future counselling sessions with our peers. One of the most useful insights that we were able to capture was - listening to our friend is never only hearing. Most of the time, when a friend comes to us for help, we give out advice that we think is best for them but we do not realise that what a friend really need is just someone to talk to. Sometimes, being there and just genuinely listening to them is the best way of helping them,” said some of the campers, in offering their feedback.

Besides that, there was also a movie screening of “The Last Song” from the novel by Nicholas Sparks, which narrated the life of a teenager that went upside-down when her parents divorced. The sharing session after the movie was an in-depth discourse as participants opened up their thoughts and views with each other.

Mu Fu Sheng, a P2P new recruit who is the Diploma in International Hospitality Management, commented, “I like the discussion as we get to know more about each other and also gain more knowledge. I enjoyed the camp and I hope to work with my peers soon!”

Rachell Yap Mun Kee, P2P existing member and current Diploma in Mass Communication student, shared, “I have served P2P for over a year for now, and have met quite a lot of people and organised many events. Being a P2P member makes my life happier and full of laughter.”

Lee Shiau Zhen, also an existing member who is in the Diploma in Accountancy programme in KDU, commented, “I'm glad that the activities helped me to understand myself and others better, as well as to learn how to be empathetic to the people around me. I hope the new recruits will find this a nice experience, and that we have much more to learn and grow together as P2Ps.”

As for the camp leader, Sim Wan Wei, a Mass Communication student, found that her commitment towards the camp were very much worth it. “Not only have the new recruits learn the skills of being a peer supporter, the participants also learned to appreciate and listen without being judgmental. All the tears and joys they shared during the camp made me feel that P2P is like a big family, they are such a great people.”

“As a P2P member who have served for over a year, I feel that I have really grown a lot. I appreciate everything that I have gained as a Peer-to-Peer member, especially on how to be a good listener and communicator,” concluded Sim in broad smiles.