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Here at KDU Alumni's Core, we believe that your KDU experience does not just end when you graduate. You are a student for a few years but you are a KDU Alumni for life. We are committed to keep KDU's alumni network healthy by fostering life-long partnerships with students, graduates and friends of KDU.

The KDU Alumni network is made up of over 45,000 KDU alumni from all over the world – spanning every industry and profession you can think of.
Core Value
KDU Alumni's Core is committed to serve our alumni through organising events and activities that will foster better relations within its community and also as a platform of entrepreneurial networking.

The easiest way to stay informed and undated on all our upcoming events is to check back with our Facebook Page and like the page to receive all of our event notifications and updates. Our Facebook page can be found by searching for "KDU UC Alumni" on Facebook.

 Core Value
Access to KDU Alumni's Core website gives our alumni the opportunity to catch up with what their old friends are doing, hear the latest University news, attend reunions and networking events, as well as lectures. The website will also be a platform for us to follow up the progress of our graduates once they leave us.

A "Friend search" engine will also be created in our website, which has databases of our alumni. This will be useful for anyone to get in touch with their friends. The Alumni's Core runs a friend finding service to gather our alumni back in touch with their old friends. Alumni's Core website will also offer our alumni the opportunity to link their own company's website to our websites.

Hall of Fame section in the website will feature our successful alumni for networking and recognition purposes. We are very proud of our alumni and their achievements and want to help them to celebrate their success by sharing their news with fellow alumni. We will also have a section of this Hall of Fame in our upcoming KDU Education Group magazine.

You can join our Alumni network by downloading and emailing back a complete registration form to us. We hope that the alumni network will help you stay in touch, and possibility reconnect with friends you have lost touch with since you graduated. Look out for alumni events that we will be organizing soon!

Contact Personnel:
Wilson Chee Chan Weng 
Executive - Student & Alumni Centre
Tel : +603 5565 0459 
Email : alumni@kdu.edu.my

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Mon - Fri: 9:00am - 5:30pm
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Sports Facilities
50% discount of the current published rates for renting of all sports facilities in KDU premises (e.g. badminton courts, ping-pong tables)

Hall and Classroom Facilities
25% discount of the current published rates for renting of lecture rooms, lecture theatre multi-purpose hall, library and laboratory in KDU premises.

High Speed Internet Access
Free access to KDU's wireless access at KDU's square during working hours.

KDU Library/Knowledge Centre
Free access to KDU's vast assortment of library books and materials, in fact we can extend a library membership to their family member.

KDU University College and KDU College
  • Returning KDU Alumni are entitled to a 10% tuition fee waiver for Diploma to Degree and 20% for Degree to Postgraduate for their programme of study.
  • Returning KDU Alumni's children are entitled to a 30% tuition fee waiver for diploma/degree/postgraduates programmes.

Friends Enrolment Programme
Introduce and enrol a friend to KDU University or College programme, alumni are entitled to a RM800 reward.


Chuah Syuen Lee
Diploma of Business Administration

I am very grateful to be a part of the Student Council 2014. I had a lot of fun and gained a lot of experience throughout the duration of my participation. I had met a lot of new people and they have changed my perspective of events. I know now that handling events are hard as it requires a lot of detailed preparation and planning in order for it to be a successful one.

My favourite memory would be the first Freshies' Night as everyone was there to help out and although we did not manage to sell tickets when we first began sales, we did manage to sell all of it at the end. Although I am graduating this year, I would like to be part of the Council in 2015 as well.

Year of Graduation: 2014


Ng Chew Wei
Diploma in Mass Communication

My best memory with KDU is organising events and working together with the employees in Student and Alumni Centre (SAC). The staffs at SAC are always ready to help us. The process of planning and executing gave me the best feeling of accomplishment, no matter wether is a small or a big event. KDU has this feeling of “family” where other colleges don’t provide which I think is a plus point in the services aspect. Everyone is very friendly including the lecturers and the staff. Furthermore, studying in KDU is actually quite stress free as compared to my previous college. Some of the lecturers here are ready to lend a hand and they don't mind sacrificing their free time to guide the student’s academic wise. I like the way KDU focuses on the practical rather than the theory. There are still a couple of subjects that are assessed through examination but I think there is a bigger percentage focused on the practical which I think it is a good way to make us students ready for the corporate world. I like the fact that the environment in KDU is active and lively.

Although, KDU already has several events, I think KDU should have more in order to gather all new and current students together as one. Lastly, choosing KDU as the place for my diploma is certainly a good choice. I have no regrets stepping foot in KDU and completing my diploma. I am proud to be a KDU student.

Year of Graduation: 2014