KDU Student Scores in Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards Malaysia 2016

Nicole Chong Huey Wen is all smiles with her award. Nicole Chong Huey Wen (right) receiving the “Top in Malaysia - History” award from YB Datuk P. Kamalanathan, Deputy Education Minister (centre), while Dr Ben Schmidt, Regional Director, Southeast Asia and Pacific, Cambridge International Examinations, looks on.
Nicole Chong Huey Wen, a student from KDU College’s Cambridge CIE A Levels programme, recently made the college proud by bagging the ‘Top in Malaysia’ award for the subject History, at the Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards.

The Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards 2016 (April edition), granted by Cambridge International Examinations, celebrates the outstanding academic achievements of young learners in Malaysia in the November 2015 Cambridge examination series, which includes Cambridge International A Level, Cambridge International AS Level and Cambridge IGCSE.

“I would like to congratulate the 40 students who received ‘Top in Malaysia’ awards, a much deserved recognition for their very hard work. All these awards demonstrate the high standard of education in our schools,” said Mr Ng Kim Huat, Country Director, Malaysia and Brunei Cambridge International Examinations, at the ceremony.
Also present was Dr Ben Schmidt, Regional Director, Southeast Asia and Pacific, Cambridge International Examinations.

This event was also graced by YB Datuk P. Kamalanathan, Deputy Education Minister. In his speech, the deputy minister said, “It is crucial that private education institutions place emphasis on offering quality programmes or courses of study. In this respect, I understand that the Cambridge GCE A Levels programme is one of the most widely-recognised pre-university programmes being offered by many major private higher educational institution in Malaysia. I hope you will continue to improve and enhance the A Levels programme at your institutions, placing emphasis especially on the acquisition of ‘soft skills’.” He later presented awards to all top achievers.  
For Chong, this award gave her a shocking surprise. Recalling on how she managed to achieve this, she analysed, “Looking back at the preparations I made before the exam itself, I can certainly say that in depth analysis of the subject matter and having lots of practice helped me a lot.”

As Chong is a person who believes in studying a lot to do well in exams, she admitted there were a lot of revisions and practices that she did in her studies. Above all, she was very lucky to have peers in her study group who put in a lot of effort in preparing for the papers. “It made studying less taxing as we study together,” she added.
Asked if she has some study tips to share with her juniors, Chong pondered before she answered, “In my opinion, the most important factor distinguishing academic success or failure is the effort we put into it.”

She further elaborated, “To ensure your effort is effective, studying consistently becomes very important as there is only a limited number of hours given to learn a large amount of information. Therefore, reading up on topics before the lecturer teaches is also helpful as it can help me understand more in a topic, as well as prevent myself from spacing out in class.”

Chong attributed her success to the lecturers for the subject. “I had two different lecturers for History, Ms Sathyavathy Rasanayagam and Mr Thiruchelvam Thirunavukarasu. Both are very helpful as each lecturer focused specifically on a certain topic for the subject and their concentrated effort was beneficial to us students.”
“My lecturers provided resourceful information in the form of written notes and dictation based on the topic they were covering. I favour the way they engage the students into analysing a question deeper through asking us questions to direct us in forming a well-rounded opinion,” explained Chong on how she strengthen her history knowledge as well as answering skills for the examination.

Apart from the academic support she gained from college, Chong also attributed her success to wholesome support from her family. “My parents are honestly the most supportive people I know. They understand how important doing well is for me and they helped a lot to make sure I have everything I need. They never pressure me to achieve certain grades but allow me to set my own goals, as long as it reflected that I am doing my best. Their faith in my capabilities constantly motivates me to achieve good grades,” she elaborated.

While Chong continues strive for the best in her upcoming A Levels examination, her goal is also to study abroad in the United Kingdom, pursuing an undergraduate degree in Physics. “I have yet to decide if I wish to pursue a PhD or do research work,” she said. 

The Cambridge A Levels programme, offered at KDU College’s School of Pre-University Studies at its Damansara Jaya campus, is based on the prestigious University of Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) syllabus. It is internationally recognised for entrance into undergraduate degree courses such as medicine, law, engineering and more. The programme provides a solid foundation of fundamental knowledge, and assessments are based on one’s mastery of subjects and one’s ability to apply them in real-world scenarios. Students will be equipped with essential cognitive and critical thinking skills which are necessary to pursue and excel in any degree programme.