KDU College Introduces New 3+0 UK Business Degrees From The University Of Chester

University of Chester, UK. “KDU enable students to obtain internationally recognised business degree at their doorstep,” said Mr Michael Liew Cheng Siang, Head of the School of Business and Social Sciences, KDU College.
The University of Chester is ranked 48 out of over 100 UK universities for Business, Management and Marketing in The Guardian University Guide 2016
KDU College proudly brings students the best of British education with the launch of its three new 3+0 business degree programmes from the University of Chester, UK.  The three programmes, Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Business Management (3+0), Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in International Business Management (3+0) and Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Global Entrepreneurship and Business Management (3+0), will be open for its first intake this June.
Through the B.A. (Hons) in Business Management, students develop knowledge, skills, behaviours and aptitudes that not only correspond with the dynamic nature and needs of modern management practices, but also necessary to face challenges in the corporate world. Business management is a versatile field that offers opportunities for those with a variety of interests and skills. Students choosing this popular course of study will find that their career options are varied, whether they’re interested in becoming a business owner or joining an organisation to climb up the corporate ladder.
The B.A. (Hons) in International Business Management provides students with essential skills, practices and specialisation in seeking a future as international business leaders, and prepares them for responsibilities in multinational organisations. It balances the fundamentals of business administration with global perspective. With the continued growth of globalisation not only in businesses, but also in government and public institutions, as well as international relief and environmental organisations, graduates of this programme will be high in demand.
In the B.A. (Hons) in Global Entrepreneurship and Business Management, students are not just presented with a degree certificate upon graduation – they are equipped with the right skills to initiate and manage new business ventures, and make their mark in the business arena. “This innovative degree programme develops a ‘can-do’ entrepreneurial mind-set in students, and trains them to be professionals who are able to manage innovation and develop an entrepreneurial approach to organisational structure, financial architecture and market growth,” said Mr Michael Liew Cheng Siang, Head of the School of Business and Social Sciences, KDU College.

“These three programmes are very flexible, with many electives offered, and students can actually enjoy the liberty in structuring the programmes through the modules. Students also have the option of completing their entire degree in Malaysia or transfer to the UK for an exciting experience abroad,” explained Liew. 
“With more current modules designed, the syllabus and materials used are also up-to-date, reflecting the changing landscape of the business world. For example, the ratio of theoretical and practical modules for the Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in International Business Management programme is 3:7, which effectively prepares student to be more hands on with 21st century skills to address international integration of markets and economics,” said Liew.
“These are the three pioneering business programmes to be launched here,” said Liew. “Through our collaboration with the University of Chester, we enable students to obtain internationally-recognised UK business degrees locally, which offers considerable savings.” The University of Chester is ranked 48 out of over 100 UK universities for Business, Management and Marketing in The Guardian University Guide 2016, making it the top-ranked UK university amongst UK business twinning programmes available in Malaysia.
“All the programmes are conducted in accordance with the principles and regulation of the University of Chester. This ensures quality in curriculum delivery, development and assessment of students. In fact, the programmes mirror what students could experience over in the University of Chester, UK,” stated Liew. KDU College will also be introducing more 3+0 programmes, through its collaboration with the University of Chester, in the areas of economics, finance, law, advertising, journalism and media studies.
At KDU College, learning is not only very much driven by students, but there’s also more involvement during the process with lecturers playing the roles as facilitators. Students in KDU College are ensured of an excellent learning experience, not only through the academic programmes they are undertaking, but also through the KDU College Success Programme.
All students enrolled in KDU College will go through the KDU College Success Programme, which helps students in easing the transition from high school to tertiary studies, with the aims of improving students’ academic performance. Through the First Year Experience, students will go through different modules such as presentation skills, time management, learning styles and more. They will also be involved in co-curricular activities as well as various workshops to develop and enhance soft skills. These will include business communication skills, teamwork skills, software skills and such. Final year students are also provided with a platform for Career Placement, with workshops designed to help prepare students for the industry. They can also opt to do internships during their 2nd and 3rd year, to sharpen the edge of their employability.
Students are able to track their performance in the modules and workshops from the First Year Experience, through the Co-Curricular Transcript. As a second transcript, this enhancement lists various kinds of developmental activities outside the traditional classroom and is intended to provide each student with an official record of awards and recognitions, leadership activities and organisational experiences, professional development and educational training, community service and engagement
“Employers and graduate schools are aware that co-curricular activities make for a well-rounded individual. By including the transcript with a resume, students can improve their marketability with potential employers or graduate schools,” Liew explained.
Explaining further, Liew said, “Both these components are essential not only in easing students’ transition to tertiary education, but also helps to develop students’ sense of belonging, build a continuous engagement between academic faculty and students and develop students life-long learning skills, ensuring they become well-rounded, successful graduates.”