KDU Performing Arts Club Midday Entertainment!

The KDU Performing Arts Club, also known as PARTs, recently organised the PARTs Hour to aid its new members in boosting their confidence in performing in public. The event also served to promote PARTs as a whole by showing the public what the different divisions (Dancing, Cheer, Singing, Drama) are capable of.
The two-hour event, which was held on 24 March 2016, saw PARTs members gearing up for their performances at the concourse of KDU’s Utropolis Glenmarie campus. The flurry of performances, which were lively, varied and entertaining, drew a crowd from curious passersby. Emcees Fiona Ng and Anselm Tan helped to ensure the atmosphere remained energetic as they introduced performances after performances of different genres and styles.
Entertained the crowd, they surely did! A student in the audience commented, “I think PARTs is wonderful because it brings out the talent of the students; whether it’s dancing, singing, or acting. I like all the performances today but if I were to choose, I loved the dance performances as it gives me the hype to dance with them even though I can’t really dance! With events like these, it brings out the life in KDU!”
Another student also stated, “It is fun, and I enjoyed the dance performances as well as the saxophone performance very much.”
PARTs President, Angel Lim, said that public performances like these are necessary for the clubs’ members, and she’s glad that the performers had overcome their fears in performing and their self-confidence was boosted through this event.
PARTs, founded in 2005, consists of four divisions - dancing, cheer, singing and drama. Its objective is to ensure KDU students have an outlet to showcase their talents, and for them to have fun while performing. Over the years, PARTs  have performed in various functions and events, including KDU’s orientation ‘Freshies Night’.