KDU’s Pre-U Students Excel In The CIE GCE A Level Examination

KDU Excellence Awards receivers and good pals Justin Ngam Jun Hoe (from left), Joel Loh Hwei Yung celebrating their remarkable success in the Oct/Nov 2015 A Levels examination during the farewell party.  Joel Loh Hwei Yung (centre), Best Overall Student with 4 A*s in A Levels Oct/ Nov 2015 examination, with his proud parents Mr and Mrs Timothy Loh Kah Hwoong. 
KDU’s A Levels Oct/ Nov 2015 Examination cohort with their dedicated lecturers, Ms Sathyavathy 6th from left,front row), Ms Susan Ooi Chooi Mei and Mr Ng Kim Huat. 
KDU College recently celebrated excellent academic performance of its pre-university studies students at the KDU Excellence Awards and Farewell Party, which saw students gaining 100% passing rate in both Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) General Certificate of Education (GCE) Advanced Level (A-Level) and Advanced Subsidiary Level (AS-Level).

Held at the Damansara Jaya campus, the ceremony was organised by the School of Pre-University Studies (SPUS), with a total of 64 candidates present, alongside their proud parents and lecturers. Joel Loh Hwei Yung (Best Overall Student with 4 A*s in A-Level Oct/ Nov 2015 Examination) and Justin Ngam Jun Hoe (4 A*s in A-Level) were among the joyful top achievers.

Ms Sathyavathy a/p Rasanayagam, Head of SPUS, expressed her contentment and satisfaction at her students’ achievement. Apart from the 100% passing rate, Accounting and Further Mathematics subjects also recorded a 100% in A scorers; and candidates who obtained 3As and 4As make up 33% of the total. As for AS Level, percentage of 3As and 4As scorers marked 32%.  

“This is indeed an experience for all of us, as this is an opportunity of the school to showcase what we have and an opportunity to tell you how proud we are. You have gone extra miles in making this happened!” said Sathya as she congratulated the high achievers.

Echoing Sathya’s statement, Mr Ng Kim Huat, Senior Schools Development Manager (Malaysia), Cambridge International Examinations, affirmed, “Congratulations! I always call A Levels a ‘2R’ programme. ‘Rigorous’ as it challenges the intellect; ‘Rewarding’ as it will take you into a faculty of choice and one of the top universities as well, if you performed spectacularly.”

Awards were presented by Ng and also Ms Susan Ms Ooi Chooi Mei, Chief Executive Officer of KDU College. “Best Overall Student”, Joel Loh Hwei Yung, shared his tips, “I studied smart, prioritised my daily schedule to what was urgent and important, compared to what was urgent throughout my courses,” he continued, “and KDU has provided me with dedicated lecturers throughout my studies!”

Joel further elaborated, “I appreciate KDU for not only giving me the quality education I need, but also providing us an environment in creating and establishing possibly life-long friendship. This has been my upmost joy throughout my time in KDU.” Joel also took to being heavily involved in extra-curricular activities and serving communities, which included helping out in the Student Alumni Centre of KDU College. “This has allowed me to rediscover the joy of helping others, rather than always focusing on books and examinations.”

Proud of their son’s achievement, Mr and Mrs Timothy Loh Kah Hwoong enthused, “We believe in serving to uphold the quality of one’s heart. As Joel went through the journey with very good balance in his studies and other parts of his life, we are very proud of him. In fact, KDU’s lecturers are excellence! Joel particularly mentioned his Add Maths lecturer, as she was brilliant to help him to grasp the concept very well. In every sense, we as parents appreciated KDU for creating the environment for our boy.”

Joel plans to pursue a degree in Actuarial Science. 

Justin Ngam Jun Hoe, another 4A*s achiever in A Levels, thanked KDU teachers in helping him succeed.“KDU has provided me with very helpful and knowledgeable lecturers, who are willing to offer after-hour assistance.” Besides that, Justin attributed his success to the ideal lecturer-student ratio and the surrounding environment, which he found conducive for learning. “KDU’s small class sizes allowed me  to establish strong friend groups as well as have more attention from the lecturers. The facilities like library and computer lab were great for studying and research purposes. Not forgetting, the game room had helped me de-stress during exams as well as provided a good platform for me to meet new people,” he added.
Continued –“I studied really hard a month before examination. I think by establishing a study group and prioritising correctly, as well as seeking lecturers’ help after lecture hours have helped thus far,” summarised Justin. He is planning to do Economics in Warwick University, United Kingdom.

Over the years, KDU College has produced excellent ALevels students, who have been accepted to pursue their degree programmes at various top-leading universities in the world including University of Oxford, University of Cambridge, University of Edinburgh, London School of Economics and Political Sciences and University College London to name a few.